Making Le Guess Who? a keynote interview with Bob Van Heur

Thursday, 26 March16h30 - 17h30Main Hall - Palacete dos Marqueses do Pombal Keynote

Every November, the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands is taken over by Le Guess Who?, the festival that is also a celebration of global sounds in its various expressions and boundary-crossing music. Praised as being one of the most diverse festivals in Europe, Le Guess Who? has developed into an unalike experience of discovery of the unknown that is strongly connected with the city of Utrecht and is a product of a singular approach to the curational process.

In this keynote interview, we invite Bob Van Heur, artistic director and co-founder of the festival, to share with us the process of making Le Guess Who?, the importance of the city of Utrecht in the whole experience of the festival and how is the process of curating the festival and challenging artists to take the role of curators themselves.