Thursday, 16 September21h30 - 22h15Factory - Hub Criativo do Beato Concertos

Sara Fontan’s experimental emotion and Edi Pou’s polyrhythmic energy fuse to form the burning core of LOS SARA FONTAN. They do not record albums as a form of activism: their field is live performance, ever changing, permeable to the environment and free from the industry’s productive routines. A concert by Los Sara Fontan is the soundtrack to whatever one wishes to imagine, giving the listener freedom to interpret and feel the experience in a personal and unique way. In just three years as a duet, LOS SARA FONTAN have already toured Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany, including festivals of very diverse natures (One Of A Million, BAM, AMFest, Sound Isidro, Eufònic, Festival de Jazz de Vic, Tremor) and temples of DIY (from Liceo Mutante in Pontevedra to Kastanienkeller in Berlin).

Soundcat concert