Initiatives for a sustainable industry

Thursday, 26 March15h15 - 16h15Main Hall - Palacete dos Marqueses do Pombal Talk

It goes without saying that being successful in the music industry is a precarious one. As the Music Industry Investigation Report (2020) found, an artist’s income, which is often based on touring, does not allow them to earn a living wage. Touring is a major source of income for a musician, bringing with it its own challenges, from directly impacting the musician (burn-out, lack of support system, away from family), to implications on a societal level (environmental impact). The pressure to “make it” and the limited support available contribute to difficulties in establishing oneself as a professional artist. In addition, mental health and self-care are not taken into consideration when assessing the overall success of a musician. Alongside the lack of diversity (both in terms of people of colour as well as gender), the multitude of challenges to make a living in the music industry can be overwhelming. This panel gives space to present current initiatives that offer solutions to these issues faced throughout the industry. From capacity building to (self-) care, diversity and green touring, we will discuss ways to build the industry of tomorrow.