Infrastructures for a decentralised music future: web3 masterclass

Friday, 30 September14h00 - 15h30Talks Room 1 - Factory Lisbon MasterclassMusic Industry

Music has a complicated and invariably intertwined relationship with the communities which participate, engender and enable its production. From DIY venues to major record labels, community-building currently stands as one of the most difficult, rewarding and profitable means of being a music practitioner, particularly in the age of social network and streaming platforms. What could a more equitable, horizontal and distributed future for music communities look like? Join Kaitlyn Davies on an exploration of what web3 and decentralised autonomous organising enabled by blockchains can offer artists and music maintainers.

This session will take place in 2 parts; a hands-on workshop as a practical investigation of these infrastructures, followed by a masterclass presenting the findings and exploring concepts further. Space in the workshop is limited.