Gala Drop (PT)

Wednesday, 15 September19h45 - 20h30Factory - Hub Criativo do Beato Concertos

Gala Drop is a tireless and constantly developing musical adventure – a case of passion for the matter they work – it’s inspired by sounds and vibrations from different places and times, and try by the power of imagination transformed into music to convey hope in a gift better collective. Qualified as authors of a ‘rainforest futurism’ by British critic Matthew ‘Woebot’ Ingram, their discography is divided between EPs and LPs, published on their editorial label GDR and on the New York-based Golf Chanel Recordings. The band started more than a decade ago in Lisbon and is now composed by Afonso Simões (drums), Nelson Gomes (synthesizers) and Rui Dâmaso (bass).