Emerging benefits, risks and harms to a post-pandemic night

Wednesday, 28 September13h30 - 14h30Main Hall - Factory Lisbon Nighttime EconomyTalk

Nightlife is an increasingly relevant cultural and economical area in the context of global cities and post-modern lifestyles. It promotes social and cultural creativity and innovation, economic opportunities and “pleasurescapes” of celebration, liberation, transgressive excess and risk. Due to its nature, the night-time economy was severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic…
… After two years of different confinement measures the nightlife is fully back! Can we measure the impact of Covid-19 in the urban nightlife and it´s ecosystem? What kind of challenges, threats, risks and opportunities are there for the night-time economy? Are there
changes in the individual and group behaviours of nightlife visitors? What are the emerging benefits, risks and harms related with a post-pandemic night? During this panel, these and other emergent questions will be discussed.