Ellynora (IT)

Wednesday, 15 September18h45 - 19h30Palco Beato - Hub Creativo do Beato Concertos

Ellynora was born in Rome, Italy on the 08/28/94. She started taking singing classes at 14. At age 19 she moves to NYC by herself. Ellynora studies dancing at the broadway dance center and graduates in acting for film. In the meantime she records her first singles in a small basement studio in the Bronx and performs them in many NY venues like Fat Cat, Cafe wha?, harlem nights. Her multilingual style takes her to perform at famous “Carnaval the Calle Ocho” in Miami. In 2018 Ellynora moves to LA. While she keeps working on her music she gets selected by LLCoolJ to be one of the faces for the new streetwear campaign of the famous “Rock the Bells” Radio. She releases: Spendo, Stay, Ciao Ciao Baby, and her italian debut single Zingara. “Zingara” means gypsy in italian. It is a song about freedom, about loving what makes everyone unique and different, it’s a song for the ones that call the entire world: Home. She performs it at the Festival Show with DJ Janelle to promote the union between women and wins “Best Single”. Ellynora gets selected by “Billboard Italy” to perfrom at the 2best upcoming artists showcase”. The artist also performs at Primo Maggio, Deejay on stage, Calabria Fest where she wins “Best Live Performance” prize. The artist lives between Europe and the US. Ellynora’s music is a blend of southern Italian traditional sounds and todays modern ones. She found a world in which her roots could coexist with an international sound and multiple languages.