EJ Marais MIL

EJ Marais (ES)

Thursday, 26 March20h30 - 21h15Indústria Lisboa Concertos

EJ Marais (Born 1991) moved from a small village in the Pyrenees to Barcelona aged 18 to study a degree in Humanities. Soon after, he started recording lo-fi pop songs in his bedroom on a 4 track tape, always searching for an intimate sound that caught his attention from 60s classic records. His interests revolved around traditional folk songs and 80s and 90s pop misfits. His recent productions depart from his former classic sound and have taken him to explore the world of contemporary hip-hop beats, Autotune, and R’n’B adlibs.

Early 2018 he started to work with Ekhi Lopetegi who would help him achieve the idea of concealing laid back romantic songs with a taste for contemporary production, using sampled beats, atmospheric analog pads, fresh percussive sounds and bass lines that sound as if taken from a trap tune. “Love.mp3” is a perfect example of that and serves as a prelude for the upcoming album that he’s currently working on. Intimate yet bright and somehow joyful, E. J. Marais’ songwriting deepens in feelings known for all, although in a way we have never seen or felt them before.