DTM Funk

DTM Funk (BE)

Friday, 27 March00h15 - 01h00Lounge Concertos

As a DJ, DTM Funk is known as a never-ending fanatic crate digger who’s always looking for new rhythms, percussion, bass and sounds from all over the universe. “His beats are sickening and his reach is so far- from traditional African folk music to footwork- he also mixes like he’s making his own beats at the same time – (Vice Magazine)

With radio shows, club and festival appearances all over Belgium, he’s becoming a respected and persistent creative innovator within the diverse Belgian music scene.

Curator-wise, DTM has a unique sense for new music and artists. He plays an important role in discovering and showcasing new up-and-coming homegrown talents as well as international artists. With his own curated parties all over Belgium, he carefully selects and composes an interesting and diverse line-up, where he offers a platform for young and respected artists to present their each individual unique sound and rhythms.