David Bruno MIL

David Bruno (PT)

Friday, 27 March20h30 - 21h15Indústria Lisboa Concertos

David Bruno is David Bruno, a multifaceted artist from Vila Nova de Gaia with various identities. Using sampling (audio and video) as a basis for building works that have the great Porto suburbanism as a muse, David Bruno has reached the ears and hearts of the general public through various projects.

Now we invite you to lean back and enter this Vila Nova de Gaia-like, luso-kitsch imaginary universe that crosses reality and fiction, contractors and action movies of the 1990s, Miramar beach and Benidorm beach, Steven Seagal and Adriano Malheiro. “Miramar Confidencial” is all that, while leaving space in the listener’s imagination so that he can deconstruct him and imagine another story in his own way: please feel free to do so.