Conexão Brasil-Portugal

Wednesday, 25 March14h00 - 15h00Talks Room 1 - Palacete dos Marqueses do Pombal Talk
[panel in Portuguese]

With the recent increase in the migratory flow from Brazil to Portugal, the Brazilian artistic community living in Portugal has grown significantly, introducing a variety of new practices and events that dynamize cultural life in their cities.

Due to this phenomenon, the synergies created between the two territories and their agents encouraged many artists to cross the Atlantic to make themselves known to the Portuguese public and, from there, explore the European music market, also multiplying Portuguese artists. who do the reverse route.

In this panel, Ava Rocha, Hélio Morais, Cigarra and Di Cândido reflect on the potential of the Brazil-Portugal connection in introducing these artists to each of these territories and the characteristics of the Brazilian music scene that now lives in Portugal.