Catarina Munhá MIL

Catarina Munhá (PT)

Thursday, 26 March23h15 - 00h00Titanic Sur Mer Concertos

Catarina Munhá is not sure who she is yet. But she’s in no hurry to find out either. At age 5 she picked up a piano and never dropped it. This was followed by the violin, the guitar, the synthesizer, the ukulele, and even the tambourine. Ever since she was little she remembers writing songs but she never took them out of the drawer. Yet. Recently rented an empty ground floor in Lisbon and decided to start furnishing the apartment with songs. Bookcases and cabinets are still scarce, but there is at least one song per room. In this debut album as a songwriter, Animal de Domesticação, she plays with the concept of the domestication of the human being these days. There live humorous and restless songs, accompanied by the tropical sound of her ukulele, an unusual violin, and occasional melancholic keys.