Cassete Pirata (PT)

Thursday, 29 September22h15 - 23h00B.Leza Concertos

These days, in Portugal, we all know how to hum a Pirate Cassette lyric or melody. Whether recovering the beginnings of the melancholy that started right in the singles “Pó no Pé” or “Sem Norte” or the groovy beat of “Ferro e Brasa” or the more recent love story of “Próxima Viagem”, the truth is that the freshness that brings the – still young – band, since 2016, clings to the skin and the tip of the tongue. After the first full-length album “A Montra”, in 2019, the band consolidated its presence in the tops and national circuits and, also, on the small screen, by integrating the soundtrack of the RTP/ Netflix series “Até que a vida nos separar”. In 2021 they released their latest album – “A Semente” – which, as a reflection, invites us to sing together the evils and the achievements, the failures and the wishes, all to the sound and emotion of their own happy melancholy that Cassete Pirata has been accustomed to, raising the bar of quality in each song.