Aurora Pinho MIL

Aurora Pinho (PT)

Thursday, 26 March22h00 - 22h45Roterdão Concertos

Aurora Pinho is an Performing Artist, Musician and Model. She is a trans woman based in Lisbon, Portugal and works in the field of performative arts and music, also making appearances in short films and series.

She developed “Uterus”, “Heteroptera”, “Aurora de Areia” and “Rave In A Cave”.

She worked with many artists, such Teatro Praga, João Pedro Vale, Filipe Sambado, Carlota Lagido, Vaiapraia, António Onio, Cyril Viallon, Odete, Né Barros, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Moullinex, Joclécio Azevedo among others.