A new generation of artists may be lost. How to fight that?

Friday, 17 September11h00 - 12h00EGEAC Room 2 - Hub Criativo do Beato Talk

Artists are the running engine of the music sector. Yet, during the pandemic many were left to fend off by themselves, with sometimes barely no institutionalized support. Making a living with their music was already a major challenge for plenty of artists even before the crisis. After more than 18 months with no regular opportunities to play, plenty of emerging and up-and-coming artists and creators turned to jobs beyond music to make ends meet. Some have quit the sector altogether in exchange for more financially viable professions.

What do we need to ensure new artists can develop their careers in a sustainable way and grow as professionals? How can we can best implement support schemes to boost the future of the European music ecosystem? This will be at the heart of this panel curated by Liveurope.