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By now it is expected that we look at Leiria with the attention of those who want to discover new things. Over the last few years, the city has been the focus for the birth of interesting projects of crossing and creation, driven by the impressive will of those who live there to go beyond the limits. It is right in the center of this bustle that João Marques (First Breath After Coma) and Roberto Oliveira (Whales) met to create these SFISTIKATED. They start from the double format and the canons of electronics and then deconstruct through a game of collaborations that crosses borders and genres. A handful of guests from Germany, England and the United States anticipate a record where the connections of electronic music with pop and hip-hop are redesigned. Music to discover new places today synthesized in the release of the first tome, Ordinary Space, theme where SFISTIKATED navigate us through a Dream pop brushed to Glitch and torn Beats of hip hop and spoken word. The song features London singer, songwriter and producer Muco and American rapper Justin Christopher. The music video for the song was directed by Angela Bismark.

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