september 27 - 28 - 29 cais do sodré, lisboa


Ana Lua Caiano (PT)

Tradition and innovation united by the hands of Ana Lua Caiano. The artist explores musical fusion, through the combination of traditional Portuguese music with electronic and “day-to-day sounds”. Creating melodies that refer to tradition – making use of choirs, harmonies and canons – in a union with synthesizers, beat-machines and sounds taken from everyday life, her music brings the traditional Portuguese heritage to the modern, electronic and technological world.

Live, she performs as a “one woman show” with a synthesizer, a loop station, a microphone, a bass drum and several percussive instruments, which through the overlapping of loops allow her to create several sound layers and environments, alone and in real time.

In July 2021, she won a contest promoted by SDB Sessions, which earned her the recording of three live songs at Arda Recorders and their vinyl edition. In October’22, Ana performed at WOMEX with a showcase at the most important global fair of world music, one month after launching her debut EP “Cheguei Tarde a Ontem” which was very successful and considered by media as one of the “Albuns of the year”.

In May’23, Ana Lua Caiano released her brand new EP “Se dançar é só depois”, presented already at dozens of shows from north to south of Portugal, and also with her first international journeys.

Events with this Artista

Thursday, 28 September – 22:30 – 23:15ANA LUA CAIANO (PT) @Titanic Sur MerTitanic Sur MerEvent Type :Concertos

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