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Pedro da Linha (PT) & Alvaro Romero (ES) (Liveurope x MIL Residency)

During five days, Pedro da Linha and Álvaro Romero will do an artistic residency in partnership with Liveurope. The result will be presented live in an unique show.

About Pedro da Linha:

Born and raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, it’s no longer news that Pedro da Linha is known as the main successor of Buraka Som Sistema, a band whose influence is felt on his productions and places him at the vanguard of Lisbon’s electronic revolution, with a unique and unmistakable sound. After several releases on Enchufada, such as the iconic ‘Na Quebrada’ featuring Brazilian rapper Rincon Sapiência, or ‘MPTS’ in collaboration with Branko, Pedro da Linha has become one of the main artists of what is now known as the ‘New Lisbon’. As Pedro da Linha’s music aims to translate the unique cultural melting pot of the Lisbon suburbs, it has resonated with many prominent Portuguese artists who have since collaborated with the producer, such as Carlão, Pedro Mafama, Branko on his album ‘Nosso’, or Dino D’Santiago on his album ‘Mundo Nôbu’, to name but a few. After leaving his mark on the stage of many of Europe’s main festival and club stages, such as NOS Alive (PT), Fusion Festival (DE), Jazz Café (UK) or Razzmatazz (ES), he is also a resident DJ ‘Na Surra’, Enchufada’s monthly Lisbon club night, and performed at the ‘Enchufada Na Zona’ festival. In 2019 he had his Boiler Room debut and he just released is debut album “Da Linha” on Enchufada.

About Alvaro Romero:

From the poetic entrails of Lorca to the uncomfortable expressionism of cult film-maker Val del Omar, Álvaro Romero is a tireless seeker of beauty, in heaven or in the gutter. Like William Burroughs in the middle of a flamenco rave. His cannibal desire to devour knowledge betrays him: for this native of El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, the cradle of flamenco), art is promiscuous by nature. He’s a kamikaze aviator in constant free fall. Restless, adventurous, dynamiting genres, Romero is the Unabomber of flamenco 2.0, a natural born experimenter called to challenge prejudices with the temperance of who is considered man, woman and voice at the same time. Álvaro is currently working with Malaga-born producer Toni Martín on a project that has already brought tears to the public of the last edition of Monkey Week. Starting from a resounding electronic, glitchy backing of quasi-industrial heritage and propped up on lyrics by homosexual poets such as the Chilean Pedro Lemebel, between Sleaford Mods and alt.flamenco legends Lole&Manuel, RomeroMartín take you on a journey through the abyss that separates love from hate.

Events with this Artista

Pedro da Linha (PT) & Alvaro Romero (ES) (Liveurope x MIL Residency)Thursday, 16 September – 20:30 – 21:15 Palco Beato – Hub Creativo do BeatoEvent Type :Concertos

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