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Miroca Paris (CV/PT)

Island Rhythm Innovator – Miroca Paris – has spent the last 20 years developing his signature sound, including over a decade touring the world with the fabulous Cesária Évora. After her passing, the Cape Verdian singer and multi-instrumentalist excelled alongside, and skillfully added color and rhythm to the music of international artists like Sara Tavares, fadista Cuca Rosetta, Tito Paris, Mariza, Zizi Possi, Chico Cesar, Bonga, Bitori, Rui Veloso, Tcheka, Camané, and many more.
Known as a virtuoso percussionist, on his debut album D’Alma (“soul”) Miroca returns to playing guitar; forward driving, playful, surprising and fresh. Giving a twist and adding groove to much loved genres like coladera, funaná, morna and batuku. The album includes favorites like Mund Amor, Joana Joaninha, Nhe Simpronia and his funaná medley.
Since then Miroca’s performed at festivals like WOMAD UK, from Canada to Azerbaijan, was selected as ‘Must See Artists’ by El País and D’Alma was ranked highest Cabo Verdean release, TOP 150 Best Album 2018 by the World Music Charts Europe. Finally this young veteran is doing what the Barefoot Diva always wanted him to do: to share his own music front & center. Don’t miss out.

Events with this Artista

Miroca Paris (CV/PT)Friday, 29 March – 20:00 – 20:45 Titanic Sur MerEvent Type :Concertos

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