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Krissy Mary (NO)

The Norwegian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Krissy Mary released her first solo album Feme Sole at the end of last year and is already getting close to releasing her sophomore album almost on the day one year after, in November.

Known as a spirited collaborator in the Norwegian music scene and the outfit The Secret Sound Of Dreamwalkers as well as the experimental vocal ambient of The Secret Sound, Feme Sole displays the force of Krissy Mary’s talents as a songwriter and storyteller.

Her lyrics often concern’s stories of otherness and loneliness. With filmic soundscapes – the music inspired by images of mythical Norwegian figures and forests in mind.

Krissy Mary: “In music, even the formless and chaotic can be turned into something meaningful, when notes, melodies, atmospheres activate the senses. It’s a mystery, really”.

Events with this Artista

Friday, 29 September – 19:30 – 20:15KRISSY MARY (NO) @MusicboxMusicboxEvent Type :Concertos

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