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Julián Mayorga (CO)

After more than 7 years staring at the world from Madrid and gaining first-hand knowledge of the productions methods of Thundercat, Dorian Concept or Matias Aguayo at the RBMA, playing Sonar Barcelona, Reykjavik and Bogotá and shining his light on the much loved Spanish Hola a Todo el Mundo’s final lineup, Colombian artist Julián Mayorga has started a journey back to the imposing musical heritage of his native Ibagué. Cuando tengo fiebre veo la cabeza de un leopardo magnifico (When I have fever I see the head of a magnificent leopard) is the latest in a new adventure started in 2019 with Islas Atlánticas, an album/book created together with Andrés Gualdrón, and the EP La fiesta de transmigración, released during Madrid’s spring 2020 lockdown, and the acoustic reverse to this new LP. Half surreal poetry, half machine, a magic atmosphere flows through CTFVCLM. The electricity of Julián’s guitars and keyboards floats suspended in its own unique way, like Miles’ lines on In A Silent Way – a way that longs for home, roots and the jungle, giving cumbia and Colombianism a new and updated meaning in what is the most complete and mature piece of work in Julián’s career so far.

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Friday, 30 September – 22:30 – 23:15Julian Mayorga (CO)LoungeEvent Type :Concertos

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