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Julia Mestre (BR)

“The tropicália and the buzz of the present.” These are the movements mentioned by Brazilian singer and songwriter Julia Mestre when asked about her musical influences. But the artist’s journey began at an early age, within her own home. It was the comfort of the memories of hours spent listening to music with her mother in a car full of CDs, for example, that served as the seed to awaken Julia’s desire to create sonic universes. After learning to play the guitar and winning a poetry contest, there were few doubts about the path she would follow. However, it was when producer and entrepreneur Paula Lavigne invited her to collaborate with Caetano Veloso, Emicida, Lenine, Zé Ibarra, and others on the project “I’m Alive” that any and all uncertainty disappeared.

From that point on, Julia never stopped building paths to verbalize and materialize her feelings through her music – a characteristic heightened by her admiration for Rita Lee, Cássia Eller, and Nina Simone. At the age of twenty, she combined the guitar with the poems she created in an attempt to understand herself as both a teenager and a young adult. The result was the EP “Desencanto” (2017), a work marked by the fusion of the delicacy of her opening track “Quarto Rosa” with the bitterness of her first romantic disappointment. However, it was her debut album, “GEMINIS”, released in May 2019, that deepened the singer’s relationship with herself and the world. Guided by themes such as elemental forces, astrology, and feminine power, she continued to perform in the independent scenes of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and also brought her repertoire to Estúdio ShowLivre, where she recorded a live album.

The collection of partnerships for the artist from Rio de Janeiro also grew. She wrote the songs “Cores e Nomes” and “LoveLove” for the group Gilsons, both featured on the EP “Várias Queixas” (2019). The latter was even performed by Ivete Sangalo at the Salvador Carnival. Another result was Julia’s collaboration with Jaffar Bambirra on the single “KIMBALA”, released shortly before the pandemic took hold in 2020. That same year, her partnership with José Gil was born on the song “Índia”, and she has collaborated with other artists such as Ana Caetano from the duo ANAVITÓRIA, Illy, Dora Morelenbaum, and Maro.

Rita Lee also found her place in Julia’s discography when the carioca artist paid tribute to her during her appearance on the program “Versões” on the BIS channel. The episode, which followed her participation in “Experimente,” also resulted in an EP released by FARO in December 2020, where Julia interprets “Agora Só Falta Você” and “Papai Me Empresta o Carro”. In 2023, the singer unveils her new work entitled “ARREPIADA” to the world. The album marks Julia’s debut as a music producer in her own creation, alongside Lux Ferreira.

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Thursday, 28 September – 21:45 – 22:30JULIA MESTRE (BR) @ESTÚDIO TIME OUTEstúdio Time OutEvent Type :Concertos

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