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Jaloo (BR)

Jaloo is a mutant. He emerged androgynous, adopted his longest hair and, for the time being, assumed a shaved head. The changes are not only aesthetic because, in his case, no movement is solo. Everything is part of a cycle, of a moment and also of its own process. Who went to the last shows of the producer, composer and composer from Pará, noticed new songs in the repertoire. The unpublished songs were a surprise without previous pretext or advertising. The idea is to continue with the new singles process, which will compose the new album. With the debut album #1 (2015), with Carlos Eduardo Miranda’s artistic direction, the artist attracted attention not only for the beats, lyrics and melodies, but also for his ability to move successfully – at each stage of the creative process from the album. Jaloo composes, sings, interprets, remixes, arranges, produces and really shows a bond with the audience. Going through main stages and festivals of the country, such as: Lollapalooza, Bananada, Milkshake, Contrapedal and Cocktail Molotov and Virada Cultural. Performed by the artist himself, the videoclips of the tracks “Insight”, “Ah! Pain!”,”Rain” and “Last Dance” aroused interest in the audiovisual field. In constant movement, Jaloo lives a continuous evolution, which, at the moment, points to the next step of the trajectory.

Events with this Artista

MIL meets SIM São Paulo: Jaloo (BR), BADSISTA (BR) e PATRICKØR4 (BR)Thursday, 28 March – 00:00 – 06:00 MusicboxEvent Type :Concertos

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