28.29.30 SET‘22


Jacuzzi Gang (IT)

JG is a duo born in Italy in 2020. Our sound falls under the definition of Hyperpop because of the raw, fresh, uncompromised beats but with a darker introspection and most importantly an ironically sweet twist derived from the Italian Techno of the 2000s. Avant-garde and on the edgy side, not scared of diving deep into a naive-kitsch scenario, we combine mainly pc driven music, autotuned, manipulated vocals with a partially hands-on live set with synthesizers and electric guitar on stage. Our first single “E.N.Y.A.” is released in May 2021 through Italian independent underground record label Piscinette. Later we move to Lisbon (Portugal) and drop our first LP “Is a One-Day-Old Baby a Sinner” on SoundCloud in November.

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Friday, 30 September – 23:0 – 23:45Jacuzzi Gang (IT)RoterdãoEvent Type :Concertos

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