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Isabel do Diego (ES)

After publishing DEPUEBLO, a debut where he unfolded his origins with austere and brutalist folklore, Isabel Do Diego, Juan Diego Calzada’s artistic identity, discovered in his debut album the different musical natures that move him. At the root of his song were the musical feelings of his native Andalusia, but fertilised with all the polyhedral life that the Cordovan artist has experienced in this time and sprinkled with sonorities as anguished as they are amusing or pleasurable. In his music, there was room for screams and whispers, traditional melodic echoes alongside futuristic sonorities, rural and industrial echoes, heretic messages and prayers, sexual fantasies and chaste emotions. And lots of beats, samplers and synthesizers. In their own words, DEPUEBLO was a provocation to place themselves in a primal way, an invitation to wear magenta. BESTIA SAGRADA is his new creation, a monstrous song of sacralised electronica that gives way to this folkloric bestiary, in which we’ll be exposed to a universe full of iconographies and symbolisms. With a total of 9 songs, Isabel do Diego will open the way to a journey around the coming, the work and the permanence of the BESTIA SAGRADA, as always through a transmuted and electronic emotional moaning that will characterize this soundtrack. The finishing touch is provided by “Cataliza”, a spectacular collaboration with María Arnal. Isabel Do Diego takes his name from that of his grandparents, Isabel and Diego, in an act that aims to be a tribute, yes, but also a vindication of the mixture and equality, of the atomised personalities that inhabit each one of us. It has musical courage without limits, or what is the same, artistic naturalness that manifests all the simplicity and complexity that the human being can have, the different realities that sleep in him, both the luminous and the dark ones.



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Thursday, 29 September – 20:15 – 21:00Isabel do Diego (ES)Titanic Sur MerEvent Type :Concertos

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