25.26.27 MAR‘20


Guitarrada das Manas (BR)

guitarrada das manas

Instrumental experimentalism combined with regional and world sound. This is the proposal of the Guitarada das Manas duo. Formed by the multi-instrumentalists Beatriz Santos (Beá), on synthesizers and programming, and Renata Beckmann, on guitar and synthesizers, the project is considered bold when performing the genre, previously played only by men.

A symbol of female protagonism in an Amazonian setting, Guitarrada das Manas searches for the regional rhythms throughout the Amazon, such as cumbia, lambada, guitar, stamping and brega, and seeks to answer the questions that disturb them about the participation of women in musical projects involving the guitar.

Created in 2017, the project came from the invitation of singer Aíla to form a band made up of women for a performance at the M.A.N.A. Festival. From then on, they never stopped and continued performing in concert halls and festivals.

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