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Ghost of Christmas (FR)

Ghost of Christmas is the blend of Martin Mey’s captivating voice and the deep basses produced by Gaël Blondeau (Chamade Beat). The duo presents a first EP at the end of 2015, noticed by the critics and signed on the label Sounds Like Yeah! (Laurent Garnier – the famous french touch godfather) as well as a nice series of remixes (French 79, Husbands, Electric Conversation, Loya …).
With this new project “The Difference”, Ghost of Christmas goes further and affirms his musical and visual identity with unique dancefloor tracks inspired by the last year spent on tour.
The EP is an intense sensorial trip with powerful, dancing and liberating electro-gospel bombs. Hypnotic synth loops, catchy beats and haunting vocals’ samples, the elegant thoroughness of the work of these two artists reveals a beautiful, sensual, organic, electronic music that will also make you dance.
On stage, the ghostly feeling of the band is visually materialized by finely orchestrated backlit light effects. Their silhouettes fade, split and blend into geometric forms, a pointillistic and poetic scenography.

– Artist Sacem Talent on Tour


Events with this Artista

Ghost of Christmas (FR)Friday, 29 March – 00:15 – 01:00 Lisboa RioEvent Type :Concertos

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