25.26.27 MAR‘20


Fogo Fogo (PT)

Like recently the volcano of Ilha do Fogo has tragically proven, there are strange forces on earth’s bowels whose overwhelming power is still unknown and that are not possible to predict or anticipate.The same is true in music. Although nowadays one tends to think that music no longer contains any mysteries and that there is no longer memories left to explore, the truth is that occasionally, still appears an unexpected eruption. Fortunately, in the case of music, the only thing that can possibly be devastated with such phenomena is inertia. A clear case is Fogo Fogo, project of Francisco Rebelo (bass), João Gomes (keyboards), Márcio Silva (drums) Danilo Lopes and David Person (voices / guitar) that regularly explodes with uncontrollable energy the dance floor of Casa Independente , a true cultural institution operating in Largo do Intendente at the service of a new Lisbon.

The Lisbon that sees the birth of Fogo Fogo is vibrant and special: it’s a Lisbon where it fits all of Africa, especially the Lusophone i.e. Portuguese-speaking people… A Lisbon where you can still find vinyl collectibles from Os Tubarões as well as all the obscure author’s editions of pearls from the Cape Verdean diaspora, like the ones recorded in the 80s and 90s in Musicorde Campo de Ourique studio. Gems that the world has never heard. This is the Lisbon that, alike the volcano, spews Fogo Fogo.

Events with this Artista

Fogo Fogo (PT)Friday, 29 March – 22:15 – 23:00 Estúdio Time OutEvent Type :Concertos

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