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Cabrita (PT)

Cabrita is one of the finest portuguese musicians, over the last 30 years he recorded his saxophone on hundreds of records and played with everyone around, from Caetano Veloso to The Legendary Tigerman or Cais Sodré Funk Connection.In 2020 he decided to release his own solo project and what a “debut” it was! Jazz with a Rock’n’roll spirit. Music without boundaries or genres, but with a universal pull. Cabrita’s coming to get you.
30 years of collaborations with Sitiados, Despe and Siga, Sérgio Godinho, Dead Combo, The Legendary Tigerman, Cacique 97, Cais Sodré Funk Connection, among many, where his saxophone or his arrangements, orchestrations and compositions were made and heard.30 years of shows with these and many more friends, Virgo Suta, Susana Félix, X- Wife, Selma Uamusse, Kussondulola, Márcia, finally, a difficult list to complete.30 years on the road and in the studio, full of joys and bitterness, ups and downs, always shared with all these companions. , it makes perfect sense to celebrate these 30 years with an album where longtime companions meet again, or start new partnerships.With the collaborations of Sam The Kid, Tó Trips, The Legendary Tigerman, Silk, Tamin, David Pessoa, Gui dos Xutos & Pontapés and Selma Uamusse, among many others, CABRITA is already available in CD format and on digital platforms. In November, double vinyl arrives.


Events with this Artista

Cabrita (PT)Wednesday, 15 September – 18:15 – 19:00 Factory – Hub Criativo do BeatoEvent Type :Concertos

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