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Blaya (PT)

Karla Rodrigues was born in Fortaleza in 1987 and comes to Portugal 2 months later. Her father pursuited the dream of being a soccer player so they live in the south of the country until she was 19, when she moves to Lisbon.

When mIRC was the format, she gains the nickname of Dama, name she used as MC, when she composed and sang hip hop, something that in Alentejo wasn’t that popular. The first lyrics and rap themes were super underground – in a time when it wasn’t many women singing. Since then the world changed.

At Festival Músicas do Mundo she watches two of Buraka Som Sistema’s first gigs. Later she’s invited to integrated the group until the band come to an end in 2016.

In 2017, she signs with RedMojo and starts her new project. She starts to make her new album during 2018 with the collaboration of MC Zuka, Kaysha, Laton, Ella Nor or Virgul. Her new album evokes her brazilian roots.

Events with this Artista

Blaya (PT)Thursday, 28 March – 23:30 – 00:15 Estúdio Time OutEvent Type :Concertos

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